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Friday, April 20, 2018

ANZAC Day 2018

All Whitireia campus libraries will be closed for ANZAC Day Wed 25 April 2018

ANZAC Day 2018 in Wellington Region (from Eventfinda)

From Eventfinda

In the spirit of ANZAC, we've put together a list of ANZAC Day events, with a sole purpose of honouring our fallen men and women and remembering their courage, sacrifice and selflessness that transcend throughout generations. In this notable day of remembrance, Kiwis and Australians are together in commemoration.

Lest we forget.

Wed 25 Apr 5:45am / Commemorations, Ceremonies

Wainuiomata Memorial Hall, Lower Hutt, Wellington Region
Wed 25 Apr 6:00am / Commemorations, Ceremonies

Wed 25 Apr 6:30am / Commemorations, Ceremonies

Wed 25 Apr 7:00am / Commemorations, Ceremonies

Taita Lawn Cemetery, Lower Hutt, Wellington Region
Wed 25 Apr 8:00am / Commemorations, Ceremonies

Ballinger Park, Lower Hutt, Wellington Region
Wed 25 Apr 9:40am / Commemorations, Ceremonies

Wed 25 Apr 9:45am / Commemorations, Ceremonies

Old St Paul's, Wellington
Wed 25 Apr 10:00am / Natural History

The Salvation Army, Wellington
Wed 25 Apr 10:00am / Commemorations, Ceremonies

Scott Court, Lower Hutt
Wed 25 Apr 10:30am / Commemorations, Ceremonies

Wed 25 Apr 10:30am / Commemorations, Ceremonies

Waikanae Club, Waikanae
Wed 25 Apr 11:00am / Social & Political History
Island Bay School, Wellington
Wed 25 Apr 12:00pm / Alumni, Associations, Clubs

Golder Cottage, Upper Hutt
Wed 25 Apr 1:30pm / Museums

Challenge 2000, Wellington
Wed 25 Apr 2:00pm / Commemorations, Ceremonies

St Mary of the Angels, Wellington
Wed 25 Apr 4:00pm / Classical Music

Sat 28 Apr 2:00pm / Variety Concerts

For more about ANZAC Day look here

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Porirua Campus Hours

Please see below for our now 'all year long' hours
(until further notice)

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Whitireia Porirua Summer 2017/2018

Picture books make great Christmas presents!

Words and pictures from The Sapling. Links in titles are to Whitireia copies to preview before you buy:

Do you want to be sure you're getting top-shelf books for your favourite people this Christmas - or on any gift-giving occasion? We are making it easy for you! Here is our selection of the very best New Zealand picture books of 2017.

O le Meaālofa mo Ana/A gift for Ana
by Jane Va'afusuaga, illustrated by Azra Pinder-Pancho

Published by Little Island Press

RRP $25.00

This is a quiet, lovely story of a girl learning family history.

Ana wakes up on her first morning in Sāmoa and sits with her grandmother out in the garden. Not only does she get to eat a juicy mango, but she hears the story of how the mango tree came to be planted by her grandparents.

Jane Va’afusuaga has an ear for evocative, sensory details, letting us in on, for instance, not just the taste of the mango, but its warmth, scent, texture, and the way the juice drips down your chin. The illustrations are beautiful, adding depth to the scene perfectly.

Available to read at Whitireia Porirua in Sāmoan and English.

The Singing Dolphin/Te Aihe i Waiata
by Mere Whaanga

Published by Scholastic New Zealand

RRP $20.00

This is an original Māori myth about a family with a grandmother and three grandsons. The two older brothers are not kind to their odd-bird third brother – but the brother is a type of shaman, who can talk to nature.

The text and illustration are entwined beautifully by Whaanga, with white-background sketches pushing out the dream spirit world in a delicate, wistful way. You finish the book having been on a journey.

This is one of a growing number of picture books with the full text in both English and te reo Māori. There’s a full glossary at the back, so it’s an ideal stepping stone for English speakers who want to increase their reo, as well as being an immersive story for reo speakers.

Ngā Atua/Māori Gods
by Robyn Kahukiwa

Published by Oratia

RRP $25.00

Kahukiwa’s atua are super-heroes, as they always have been in her work around this theme of identities in the Māori spirit and atua worlds, be it illustrative or painting.

They include Mahuika who carries ‘fire in her fingers’ which she hurls at her enemies, Tūmatauenga the warrior who fights ‘for truth and justice’, Maui, part-atua, part-man, who fished Te Ika-a-Maui out of the sea, Hinetītama, the dawn maiden whose ‘powers of love come with her transformation into Hinenuitepō, great woman of the night.’

The mythology about the atua and their special powers are accompanied by Kahukiwa’s wonderful illustrations.

Read the rest of the review-cum-profile of Robyn Kahukiwa, by Kelly Ana Morey, here..

We’re Off to Find a Kiwi
by Juliette MacIver, illustrated by Kate Wilkinson

Published by Scholastic New Zealand

RRP $18.00

Juliette MacIver’s typically first-rate, jaunty rhyming takes us on a tour of the country as two children go on a quest.

They don’t know anything about where a kiwi might be, so they take some wrong turns, and are helped along the way by a tūī, a sheep and a kea, until they finally put all the clues together and go to the right habitat.

There are nice opportunities for children to guess what’s next, or join in a repeated line, and some of the rhymes are just hilarious. I won’t spoil the very best one, at the end, but trust me, this is Juliette MacIver at her best - as she seems always to be!

See Mark Broatch's review for The Sapling here.

He Wāhi i te Puruma
by Julia Donaldson, translated by Karena Kelly and illustrated by Axel Scheffler

Published by Huia Publishers

RRP $20.00

He PĪIIIKI mihi tēnei e rere atu nei ki a Karena Kelly, nāna i whakamāori te pukapuka He Wāhi i te Puruma.

Karena Kelly’s translation of Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson is a standout Māori language kid’s book to come onto the market this year.

It’s not easy to translate a book written completely in short rhyming rhythmic stanzas, but Kelly has pulled off the task with flair. Her use of creative language in te reo, interspersed with lovely easy repetition so that kids can still follow along easily, adds to a book that was already great in English.

A joy to read aloud! Ka mutu pea!

That’s Not the Monster We Ordered
by Richard Fairgray and Terry Jones

Published by Penguin Group

RRP $19.99

Richard Fairgray is one of the most interesting picture book artists to emerge recently, and in this book he has taken a simple concept and used it to explore individuality.

The Turner Family has the best monster around. It is suave, strong, athletic and all round amazing! So after a lot of negotiation to get mum around to the idea, the family orders a monster online, and are very excited to find out what it is like. But, it’s not the one they ordered!

Their monster turns out to be goofy, cuddly and fun ... even if he is a little smelly. This book is humorous and fun, and celebrates the joy of difference.

Read the interview between Zee Southcombe and Richard Fairgray, here.